A list of futuristic technologies used in the game.

Microwave-Power-Transmission (MPT)

The Microwave-Power-Transmission Network was developed by Isaac Johanson to transmit energy from the moon to Earth. It uses one sending satellite dish located at the top of Pearson Spacestation above the moon, and likely multiple receiver dishes on Earth to wirelessly transmit power. The power is generated in the Tombaugh Reactor Facility from Helium-3, an isotope found in abundance on the moon.


A flying robot drone that helps the player navigate the environment. It can interact with certain door locks and fly through spaces the player does not fit through. It can be remotely controlled and flown freely within signal range. ASE's can project holograms, including audio, of past events at the locations that these events happened.

Space Elevator

A space elevator connects the Copernicus Moonhub on the moon's surface with Pearson Spacestation above. It is used to more easily deliver personnel and cargo to and from the moon, as space craft do not have to enter and escapte the moon's gravitational field.

Helium-3 Reactor

A Helium-3 Power Reactor, located in the Tombaugh Reactor Facility, produces power from Helium-3, which is also mined on the moon.

Laser Cutter

A portable laser cutter is attached to the players arm during the game, to quickly cut through supposedly metal locks around the stations.